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Showing off doesn’t always have to suck the spirit out of others – especially if you’ve earned the right to do so like a school I’m working with which just received a ‘Good’ from Ofsted, the government’s education inspection agency.

It’s really important that schools form strong links with their external stakeholders and wider community. One way to progress this is to show off the good works which allowed schools to get good grades in the first place and estate agents are a good way to enable this.

Many people buying homes in new areas are keen to find out about the schools for future or existing children. Often their findings can cast the final decision about whether or not to buy in an area.

Building relationships with local estate agents is a good way to ensure that your school is better known in your locale.  Often estate agents carry their own publications, which are widely distributed and by keeping your presence in agents’ sights, you can make discussions smoother when communicating about having news or updates for your establishment published.

One way into such relationships which caught my eye was the display of student artwork in an estate agent’s shop front. It’s an ideal way for the pupil’s school to show off what they do well, which of course keeps the school in the public eye in a very positive way.

Don’t forget to make school governors and other internal stakeholders aware of your intentions.

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