Long story short

Eshé Media was established by Jennifer G. Robinson in 2012. A journalist and writer for over 15 years, Jennifer cut her teeth with financial news organisation Bloomberg then went on to print publishing to include companies such as Pride Magazine, and Media Magazine. Her online presence her work as an editor and freelance journalist with Precious On Line Magazine and The British Blacklist.

Her career includes a pathway in Education spanning 13 years, where she worked her way up from teaching primarily Film and Media Studies (from GCSE to undergraduate level), to Education Management and Curriculum Design particularly around employability programmes. 

Jennifer was the Festival Coordinator at the UK’s Black Filmmaker International Film Festival, assisted with the social media, PR, and Theatre support at The Pan African Film & Arts Festival, Los Angeles (2016).

Jennifer has launched her own festival, Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival, November 2017 (www.womenofthelens.com).

Eshé (eh-shay) in Swahili language means ‘precious life’